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Arcane Legends was Just Awarded Massively's Frindie Award

Talk about starting the year off with some great news! Arcane Legends was just awarded Massively's Frindie Award for Best Mobile MMO for the SECOND year in a row. We are so honored to receive this award and really, couldn't do it without all of you amazing players out there. So here's a big shout out to you all for making everything that Spacetime Studios does possible. 2014 is going to be an even bigger year with all sort of new and exciting things already in the works. To celebrate, Bryce Banner is in all of the towns from Friday...

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Asobimo Adds a New Fighting Style Soukaku at Toram Online

Online RPG (MMORPG) that you can play with friends all over the country connected online. You might be able to defeat a mighty monster who can not be defeated by a party, as a party with a party. By joining the guild you can also help guild members. An enemy who can not be defeated by a single person can also beat it by pairing a party. Actively proceed with friends, guilds and chat.


The adventurer "you" will encounter the various people of the four factions that make up the world, passing through a wide variety of adventures, and confronting the...

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