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Asobimo Adds a New Fighting Style Soukaku at Toram Online

Online RPG (MMORPG) that you can play with friends all over the country connected online. You might be able to defeat a mighty monster who can not be defeated by a party, as a party with a party. By joining the guild you can also help guild members. An enemy who can not be defeated by a single person can also beat it by pairing a party. Actively proceed with friends, guilds and chat.


The adventurer "you" will encounter the various people of the four factions that make up the world, passing through a wide variety of adventures, and confronting the existence of a mystery that grows secretly behind it. If you are using an application that does not guarantee the operation of terminal manufacturer seller, we will exclude it from operation guarantee.


Shochiku entertainment affiliation. A young comedy combination with a high attention as a "next generation game entertainer". Mango Kitagawa in charge of Tsukkomi full of hot-blooded people who love games, looks man and manzan must see must be blurred Nagashima Pineapo. He is responsible for the signboard MC of the Asobimo official live program "Bimo Channel", and also has the synonym of "Asobimo entertainer". 


"Monster Forest" is a map that is covered with something that is dark and dull overall. There are many creepy monsters that appear, too, and the boss monster "Lal Burda" of the latest story mission appears in the "monster forest deep part" on the way. Asovimo announced today that 2 November added a new fighting style "Shu-sword" in "Torum Online". If you beloved this report and you would like to get far more data with regards to Cheap Toram Online Gold kindly check out the web-site. Also, to commemorate it, we will sell "Shu-swords Memorial Pack" at "Shimotsu Ball Shop". Sotsuke" can equip two favorite one-handed sword, overwhelm the enemy with breathless consecutive shots, and can give high damage. It's a new battle style that will breathe a new breeze on how to fight.


A one-handed sword can be equipped with a shield, both attack and defense are well-balanced and very handy. Recommended for beginners. The two-handed sword becomes a sword that does not use a shield. It is specialized in attack power and it is very easy to handle. You can change one hand sword or two - handed sword by choosing a one handed sword. Recommended for beginners.


To use the sword, you will master the "dual sword" of the skill tree. By mastering skills at the library and equipping two swords, you can demonstrate the power of "Soukou". Skill acquisition is possible from character level 30 or higher. In order to acquire higher-level skills, training up to level 50 is necessary. Although the wand is high firepower, it is very difficult and difficult to handle, so it will be equipped for advanced users. Just get used to it is a very strong equipment.


There are plenty of players who can help by murmuring with friends or chat. Some players are also suffering from the same aya. It would be a good idea to expand partnerships with various players. Soup swords are usually attacked by a series of shots, and can be damaged by high-power attacks.

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