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Apex Legends Still Came in Behind Fortnite

I would expect revenue for Apex Legends to increase next month based on both the battle pass and the first new character, Octane. For me, the question will be what comes after that. At that point we'll need to see some genuine improvement in the sort of cosmetics on offer, or else I'd expect revenue to come down off highs. Despite this, I would still exercise caution when it comes to thinking about future revenue from this game. The battle pass was not encouraging, with a smattering of uninteresting loot and little of the stylistic character shown by Fortnite. Players...

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Pings Respawn Entertainment Should Add to Apex Legends

The ping is also a pretty standard one in games that have these types of abilities. Imagine going into a teamfight in League of Legends or Overwatch without pinging your abilities to let teammates know where you stand. It's entirely possible to go without the pings, but it makes coordinating efforts much easier. Some abilities like Lifeline's care package are highly valued in Apex Legends but wouldn't benefit from a cooldown ping as much as others. When a care package is ready, you just go get it, but knowing how long a Pathfinder or Wraith has until a portal or...

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Play the Online Hit 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip Wherever You Go

The cues can be purchased through in-game chips. However, hints do not merely effective for some people. Still, skill and strategy are the key items to win the game. In visual, it is designed on point actually with simple graphics and so does the sound effect. The way of the ball runs and bounce is also as expected by people. It feels like a real one. So any strategies can be applied by the players. The gameplay itself is fun as it did adopt from the real pool game.


Over the last couple of weeks we've had a lot of requests...

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