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World of Warplanes Will Offer the Same Controls

Sitnikov continued, For World of Warplanes we are taking everything that made Tanks approachable and engaging and layering on improvement after improvement. The results of the closed beta test have us confident that World of Warplanes has tremendous potential not only to live up to the standards set by World of Tanks, but also to become a truly unique and completely new gaming experience. At the same time, however, its important to keep in mind that World of Warplanes is geared toward a completely different target audience. For example, we hope that the game will have great success in North...

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Early Access Console Release of World of Warships


World of Warships is currently available for PC. A separate console version with quite a few differences named  World of Warships: Legends released for PS4 and Xbox One on April 16. Its worth mentioning that the console version doesn't appear to be involved in this crossover at all. After playing the game for a number of hours, we think the gameplay in World of Warships: Legends can be characterised as a challenging mix between careful aiming of your guns and torpedoes, constantly altering your speed and direction to avoid incoming shells, and a need to cooperate with the rest of...

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The New Path of Exile Betrayal League

The new Path of Exile Betrayal League has been out for nearly two weeks now, and it has been a tough journey. Right off the bat there were a ton of things that were done perfectly, but there have also been many glitches and balance issues. Today we're going to cover all the things that were done right, either originally or through balance patches, and what this means for the future of Path of Exile. Zein showed me proof that he first bought the domain on September 20, well over a month before Blizzard would upset a massive portion of...

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Path of Exile Has Continued to Bring Season

ExileCon will bring the big announce-o-reveal of Path Of Exile's update 4.0.0 expansion, as well as of December's 3.9.0 smaller expansion. It'll also feature developer talks, the finals of a race tournament, playable demos of upcoming contents, hangouts, and that other con stuff. The announcement keynote and races will be livestreamed free for non-attendees too. Running November 16-17, it'll be a big love-in for folks who attend and bring some big announcements for distant viewers too. And unlike cons which ask people to travel to the wastelands of California or wherever, this is going down somewhere chuffing lovely: New Zealand,...

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Path of Exile Continues to Keep New Content

The Synthesis expansion launches on March 8 for PC and March 11 for Xbox One. It will shake up the game's familiar spell system for something more tactical and user-friendly, while also introducing some new features that will give greater incentive for players to revisit past locations. Along with new additions to the game's league system, allowing players to either start fresh with a new character or continue with their existing character, there's also a new storyline that deals with restoring the memories of a mysterious character who has access to a large arsenal of spells and loot all set...

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Apex Legends Still Came in Behind Fortnite

I would expect revenue for Apex Legends to increase next month based on both the battle pass and the first new character, Octane. For me, the question will be what comes after that. At that point we'll need to see some genuine improvement in the sort of cosmetics on offer, or else I'd expect revenue to come down off highs. Despite this, I would still exercise caution when it comes to thinking about future revenue from this game. The battle pass was not encouraging, with a smattering of uninteresting loot and little of the stylistic character shown by Fortnite. Players...

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The Division 2's Highly-Anticipated Early Access Date

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 relocates the titular Strategic Homeland Division from New York City to Washington, D.C., but that's far from the only change Ubisoft made to this post-apocalyptic action RPG sequel. Should you loved this informative article and you would want to receive details relating to Buy The Division 2 Phoenix Credits assure visit the web page. An open beta gave players an early look at the new story; first impressions indicate that The Division 2 expands on the world of The Division, streamlines combat, and refines multiplayer matchmaking. While the official release date for The Division 2 is March...

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Pings Respawn Entertainment Should Add to Apex Legends

The ping is also a pretty standard one in games that have these types of abilities. Imagine going into a teamfight in League of Legends or Overwatch without pinging your abilities to let teammates know where you stand. It's entirely possible to go without the pings, but it makes coordinating efforts much easier. Some abilities like Lifeline's care package are highly valued in Apex Legends but wouldn't benefit from a cooldown ping as much as others. When a care package is ready, you just go get it, but knowing how long a Pathfinder or Wraith has until a portal or...

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The Launch and Subsequent First Month of Fallout 76

Perceived as a scourge by many players, to the point where in-game militias began hunting down 'dupers', comes a new update as part of maintenance that has seemingly removed a large number of duplicated items from Fallout 76. As part of the update, Bethesda notes, "These actions were highly-focused toward a list of over 400 weapon and armor items we identified as common duplication targets." 


But this discount has caused many people to be inspired by the game that has only been released for more than 10 days. The price reduction is not strange, but this is the first time there...

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Play the Online Hit 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip Wherever You Go

The cues can be purchased through in-game chips. However, hints do not merely effective for some people. Still, skill and strategy are the key items to win the game. In visual, it is designed on point actually with simple graphics and so does the sound effect. The way of the ball runs and bounce is also as expected by people. It feels like a real one. So any strategies can be applied by the players. The gameplay itself is fun as it did adopt from the real pool game.


Over the last couple of weeks we've had a lot of requests...

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An Ignition Core is a Craftable Item in Fallout 76

Crafting is a huge part of the game and looting everything you can find will net you materials you can use to craft armor, weapons, and quest items. one of the items you can craft is an Ignition Core. Here's how to get Ignition Cores in Fallout 76. Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that, Jim Justice, Governor of the Great State of West Virginia, do hereby proclaim November 14, 2018 as: Reclamation Day in the Mountain State and encourage all citizens to visit West Virginia and explore the diverse set of featured sights and destinations in the game and extend...

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Arcane Legends was Just Awarded Massively's Frindie Award

Talk about starting the year off with some great news! Arcane Legends was just awarded Massively's Frindie Award for Best Mobile MMO for the SECOND year in a row. We are so honored to receive this award and really, couldn't do it without all of you amazing players out there. So here's a big shout out to you all for making everything that Spacetime Studios does possible. 2014 is going to be an even bigger year with all sort of new and exciting things already in the works. To celebrate, Bryce Banner is in all of the towns from Friday...

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Asobimo Adds a New Fighting Style Soukaku at Toram Online

Online RPG (MMORPG) that you can play with friends all over the country connected online. You might be able to defeat a mighty monster who can not be defeated by a party, as a party with a party. By joining the guild you can also help guild members. An enemy who can not be defeated by a single person can also beat it by pairing a party. Actively proceed with friends, guilds and chat.


The adventurer "you" will encounter the various people of the four factions that make up the world, passing through a wide variety of adventures, and confronting the...

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